Friday, November 05, 2010

Love your sceptics! Postscript

Kent Andersson
The most interesting quote from the Sustainable Scotland Network annual conference came from Kent Andersson, Deputy Mayor of Malmo in Sweden.  With humour and an engaging frankness he spoke of the transformation of the city since its crisis of the early 1980s.  The city has regenerated parts of the dockland, created a bridge to Denmark, become notable for its sustainability and carbon saving measures, attracting world wide attention and admiration.

At the end of his presentation a member of the audience asked if there has been sociological transformation as well as of the built environment.  His answer was:
And lest he was misunderstood he went on to note that there were, for example, still significant gaps between rich and poor, a high deprived immigrant population and that a commission had been set up to address the issues.

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