Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrow: One year since Climategate

An early account of Climategate
On 17th November 2009 the Climategate files were released.  I have written three posts to mark the occasion.  Yesterday I recalled the reception of the now rather tattered An Inconvenient Truth with an extraordinary side story of the lengths to which Ofcom have gone to defend it.

Later today I will post on the view of the Chief Executive of a large Scottish based energy company.

And here, for your information, is one of the first indications of the revealing emails which were released from the Climatic Research Unit.

Look at the 5:24am comment on 17th November on this article at Climate Audit which  simply states 'A miracle just happened'.   The Climate Audit post was examining alleged independent IPCC reconstructions of temperature purporting to compare modern and medieval warm period temperatures - an issue which has been at the heart of the false IPCC narrative.  The 5:24am comment, through a series of links, announced the publication of the revealing emails.

If you wish to recall this significant event here is a good place to start.

Of course, we still only know part of the story behind that event.  One year later, East Anglia Police are still investigating the alleged crime (it may have been a legitimate whistle blowing action) and no one has yet come forward.  I have little doubt that the identity of that person will in future be known.  However soon or long that revelation will be, there is doubtless more significant information to come out.   

Perhaps that information, currently not in the public domain, is what has prompted Michael Mann, the key player, to regard attack as the best form of defence.

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