Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Game Changer?

BGS Edinburgh
Jack H Barnes gives his take on the shale gas bonanza.

Shale gas is quite simply changing the whole energy paradigm in real time.  The unlocking of source rock, has altered the future history of mankind.  The world has discovered and unlocked its newest true world changing source of stored energy.
Read his article in Business Insider article here.

Edinburgh based British Geological Survey notes:

The UK has abundant shales at depth, although their distribution is not well known. The BGS is investigating the location, depth and properties of the shale as well as the processes that lead to economic accumulations of gas.
The 2010 BGS/DECC Shale Gas report identified significant potential areas in northern England, including the Widmerpool Gulf near  Nottingham and a large area centred on the Elswick Gasfield, near Blackpool.
The recently published UK data and analysis for shale gas prospectivity covers work up to March 2009 and identifies high prospect areas.
Is this a game changer?   Or is it overblown?

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