Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The 2011 election manifestos 3. Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture:

Conservative (2)   ["Let's get a slice of what is already committed up to Scotland!"]
"Our colleagues at Westminster are spending £1bn on CCS.  That's more than any government anywhere in the world is giving to a single plant, and we want that to be invested here in Scotland, at Longannet."

Labour (2)   [ "Not sure about this CCS.  No more coal until you prove it can be done".]
"We will not consent to new, non-replacement fossil-fired power stations unless they can demonstrate effective carbon capture and storage technology from the outset."
Lib Dem:    [No room for additional use of coal (I think!)]
"Support the development of carbon capture and storage technology for existing power stations and as a potential avenue for export.  We do not see the need for a new coal fired power station at Hunterston." 

 SNP (3)   ["We'll keep the door open just a tiny bit for new coal]
"Any new coal-fired station would need to demonstrate Carbon Capture and Storage on at least 300MW of its capacity from day one and retro-fitting for those stations by 2025, with 100% CCS expected from new builds by 2020."

Greens (2)   ["Unproven technology, this CCS.  Beware of it becoming a Trojan horse for coal!"]
"Carbon Capture and Storage technology remains unproven and, while research continues into its viability, the possibility of success must not be an excuse for new unabated coal generation."

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