Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scottish Greens flatline, Aussie Greens abandon target

Hopes, created by opinion polls, that the Greens might gain eight seats in the Scottish Parliament were dashed at the Scottish election last Thursday.  Again standing only for the list, they obtained 4.4% of the votes in that poll - slightly up from four years earlier when they polled 4%.   On both occasions the vote translated into two of the 129 seats.

Joining Patrick Harvey MSP is Alison Johnstone MSP.  Alison is undoubtedly one of the more moderate and pragmatic Scottish Greens (I have served alongside her as a councillor on Edinburgh Council for the last four years).  But whether she will have the ability to revive the faltering Green cause in Scotland, is, I suggest unlikely.

The broader environment is becoming more unfavourable, exemplified by this report from Australia's Brisbane Times, where Greens became kingmakers in the last election.  It notes that the Greens there have dropped their insistence on a reduction of 40% in emissions by 2020.

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