Thursday, April 19, 2012

A blow for offshore wind

Map: British Geological Survey
Two developments in the last few days have affected confidence in wind in Scotland.

First, Major Japanese investor Doosan, who were expected to deliver a major offshore wind turbine prototype by 2013, have announced they are shelving plans to enter the market in Scotland.   BusinessGreen website has described the decision thus:
"The news will be seen as a blow to the UK offshore wind market, which is hoping to attract new manufacturers to a number of ports around Britain."
Here is how the BBC reported the decision.

In another development the UK Government has received advice to give the green light for fracking for shale gas.   The Telegraph reports:
"Proponents of fracking say that there is enough gas to meet Britain’s energy needs for 70 years. Furthermore, the fuel it releases, natural gas (methane), is relatively “clean”. Fracked gas could be the 21st-century equivalent of North Sea oil, they say."
Whilst it is early days in the UK, the indications in the US and elsewhere are that relatively cheap shale gas could change the market, making the cost of wind and other renewables even more uneconomic.

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  1. Yes, and a full report of the ramifications of James Lovelock’s Spring Surprise is available as an “Infowars” video, and we have added this 42 minute clip from the Alex Jones Show to our Vast Collection of videos at the Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science website.

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