Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Professor Geoffrey Boulton has an epiphany

Professor Boulton
This post on Steve McIntyre's blog Climate Audit compliments Edinburgh's Professor Boulton on his editorial in Nature which covers the hotly contested issue of archiving data used in scientific reports.

McIntyre has forensically unpicked Boulton's part in the Climate Change Emails Review headed by Muir Russell, which purported to investigate the conduct revealed in the emails released from East Anglia.  He described the Review as a whitewash.

Now, McIntyre has welcomed Boulton's recent Royal Society report urging that the data behind scientific reports be archived and made publically available.  This was a key issue leading to the anonymous Climategate email release and a host of contentious issues which have been influential in the global warming debate.  McIntyre urgesfull disclosure of data.
"Perhaps Boulton’s new report will help change perceptions on this point. It’s too bad that Boulton’s epiphany came after his participation in the Muir Russell whitewash."

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