Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First 'legally binding' target missed. Cold weather blamed

Paul Wheelhouse
The official figures are out for the estimates of of greenhouse emissions from Scotland for 2010.

And Paul Wheelhouse, the recently appointed Climate Change minister, without a hint of irony, notes that one of the reasons the 'legally binding' target was missed was that 2010 was a particularly cold year.

Details here and the BBC has the whole announcement here.

I have some advice for the minister.  Persuade your government to suspend the 'legally binding' emissions targets to save your government future embarrassment.  The Climate Change (Scotland) Act is a based on a scientific house of cards and, in practical policy terms, does more harm to Scotland and its people than any perceived good it might do to the world environment.  It rests on predictions that carbon emissions are likely to cause dangerous global warming.  The assumption is not based on robust science.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Calculated to mislead

Today Scottish Renewables has issued a press release which the BBC has reported.  It claims that the renewable industry in Scotland is displacing CO2 emissions equivalent to 8.36 million tons.

There are (at least) a couple of problems with that.

1.  The figures appear to take no account of the additional carbon required to get wind generation up and running.  This includes the making of turbines, extra CO2 generation in transmission and back up generation required.

2. The figures include hydro power.  That will be the hydro plants which were installed between 1922 and 1965?  These facilities produce about 50% of 'renewable' electricity.  If my figures are correct that suggests the following quote from Scottish Renewables is deceptive:
"This is proof that Scotland's renewables industry is establishing itself as one of the most effective weapons in tackling climate change and addressing the greatest threat to our natural environment"
It is the present continuing tense which implies that what was established over 45 years ago is actually part of our brave new response to a (supposed) grave threat.