Saturday, March 24, 2012

Edinburgh scientist proposes cloud-whitening towers

Emeritus Professor Stephen Salter of Edinburgh University has recently proposed building cloud-whitening towers in The Faeroe Islands.  The object of this is to use sea water to 'seed' fine droplets (clouds) which, being white, would reflect energy from the sun back into space and cool the earth.

Professor Salter proposed his ideas at a meeting of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group to which MPs were invited.  As the organisation title (and website) suggests, the group take a rather catastrophic view of the future and it seems the proposal doesn't go down well in some quarters.  The ScienceNordic website, for example, suggests it is a 'wild' idea:
"The melting of the Arctic ice doesn’t only result in our Earth getting warmer and warmer. Another consequence is that climate researchers and engineers are coming up with increasingly far-fetched suggestions on how to combat global warming.  The latest wild suggestion comes from Professor Stephen Salter of Edinburgh University, Scotland.  At a recent meeting with British MPs, Salter suggested that politicians could stop the melting of the Arctic ice by building giant towers that throw seawater up into the atmosphere."


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  2. How high would the towers be?
    How much water would need to be pumped up?

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